Create user for using git :

Open putty with root user then create user :
To create a new user // $ sudo add user username
Then // $su username
Then use //   $ cd
Create ssh public key // $ mkdir .ssh

go to home directory then go into your user name folder find .ssh folder go into .ssh folder find ‘’ move this file into tmp directory with ‘’  name

You just append them to your authorized_keys file: // $ cat /tmp/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

{to use this command your public key is a authorized keys}
Now your user is ready for using git

create git repository :

create directory anywhere on your server // mkdir httpdocs && cd httpdocs
initialize git into directory //$ git init
back to a directory //$ cd ../
The following three commands are the black magic for getting a remote git repo setup:

$ git clone –bare httpdocs httpdocs.git
$ mv httpdocs httpdocs.backup
$ git clone httpdocs.git

// then given 777 permission to all folder created by git for this repository
// then given permission to user for access and create that folder using command
$ sudo chown -R username directory

Local set-up (push commits)

$ git add *  // for adding new file
$ git commit -m ‘Start of new project’
$ git push origin master

local (pull commits)

$ cd ../
$ cd www/…./httpdocs/
$ git fetch
$ git diff origin/master
$ git merge origin/master